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In early 2019, we purchased 147 hectares of land in the hilly terrain of Sierra Llorona. Through our afforestation project in Colón, we are creating the cornerstone for the green corridor between the national parks of Chagres and Soberanía. Our fincas are located in the water catchment area of the Panama Canal, meaning that our forests not only absorb CO2 but also positively contribute to the water management of waterways so crucial to the global economy.

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Total area

147 hectares

Projet start




Current use

Reforestation with native species

Overall land distribution

49 % of the project area is already afforested

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How was the planting done?

The soil conditions in our afforestation project areas usually vary. This is why with the afforested plots in Gatun 1, we used two different mixtures planted in small blocks. For the areas with more challenging conditions, we plant Gold Cedar (Terminalia amazonia) and Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) as well as Marupa (Simarouba amara) more sporadically. 

These are excellent pioneer species and they thrive even under less beneficial conditions. In the areas more palatable to plants, we plant seven different types of exotic trees. Within the plantation area, 30 trees of the same species are planted in each block. After the stock is subsequently thinned, 3 - 5 large trees per block are left, and we replant the resulting gaps with other species. This is how a genuine Generation Forest is created over time.

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“Once they are fully mature the trees will discard their seeds, and new saplings will grow. That will take place in our generation, and it will continue so down through the years.”

Nestor Ortega

Head of Forestry Operations

Finca Gatun 1
the-generation-forest-Nationalpark-Wasser-Land-m3 Finca-Gatun1-Aufforstungsprojekt-Colon

Size:: 49 ha
Project start:2019
Afforested: 100 %

Tree species used in afforestation: 
Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)
Cocobolo, Rosewood (Dalbergia retusa)
Balatá Tree (Manilkara spp.)
Royal Mahogany (Carapa guianensis)
Santa Maria (Calophyllum brasiliense)
Gold cedar (Terminalia amazonia)
Cumaru (Dipteryx oleifera)
Marupa (Simarouba amara)
Caobillo, Little Mahogany (Tapirira guianensis)
Berba, Ojoche (Brosimum alicastrum)
Alcaretto (Aspidosperma sprucaenum)

This finca takes its name from the Gatún River that flows into the Panama Canal. The finca is located right within the water catchment area of the river. Our forestry engineer and co-founder, Iliana Armién, reckons that the finca was deforested about 30 years ago.

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Finca Gatun 2
the-generation-forest-Nationalpark-Wasser-Land-m4 Finca-Gatun2-Aufforstungsprojekt-Colon-1

Size: 49 ha
Project start: 2019
Afforested: 0 % 

Potential tree species for afforestation: 
Teak (Tectona grandis)
Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata)
Cocobolo, Rosewood (Dalbergia retusa)
Oak (Tabebuia rosea)
Argentinian Osage Orange (Maclura tinctoria)
Peruvian Almond (Terminalia oblonga)

The finca lies directly on the bank of the Gatún River, and a small path links it to Gatún 1. In common with the other project areas, it was previously used as grazing pasture.
The area also contains the remaining original forest. These are good conditions for near-natural afforestation because the existing rainforest-covered areas provide natural regeneration and, therefore, diversity. The seeds from the older trees are transported onto our land by the wind or by animals. We can identify and protect these young trees. Although it might sound simple, this is a complex task as there are over 600 different species of trees in the region. A great deal of specialised knowledge is required to recognise them.

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Finca La Conexión
the-generation-forest-Nationalpark-Wasser-Land-m4 Finca-Gatun2-Aufforstungsprojekt-Colon

Size: 49 ha
Project start: 2019
Afforested 100 %

Tree species used in afforestation: 
Teak (Tectona grandis)
Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata)
Cocobolo, Rosewood (Dalbergia retusa)
Oak (Tabebuia rosea)
Argentinian Osage Orange (Maclura tinctoria)
Peruvian Almond (Terminalia oblonga)

Of our three Colón-based projects, the La Conexión finca has the largest proportion of existing rainforest. Its name means “the connection”, for its serves as the expansion of two other reforested areas, and links a large, forested area that stretches over an elevated area to the Caribbean coast. La Conexión is a particularly ecologically-oriented project. At the time we commenced this project, a large part of the land was already covered with young secondary forest, and only smaller areas had to be afforested.

Some parts of the finca are covered in young forest. In these areas the method particularly used is known as enrichment planting, meaning the diversification of existing stock by planting new tree species. This enrichment entailed afforesting the area with a mixture of shade-resistant species.

In 2020, we detected the tracks of a wild cat here. The big cat expert, Ricardo Moreno, has since confirmed that these belonged to a jaguar. This is great news for the diversity of species in the Colón region, but also a loud reminder that we have to stop deforestation in this critical biocorridor.

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Colón region

The frequent rain and steady temperature are what make this region special, for it has the ideal conditions for a wet tropical rainforest.

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