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Together we are The Generation Forest: The team that founded the Panamanian forestry enterprise, Futuro Forestal, our employees in the Generation Forests, our team in Hamburg and of course: our members – the beating heart of our cooperative! As co-owners, they are making a statement, dedicating themselves with us to the realisation of sustainable projects, and through their commitment and concern, ensuring that sustainability is more than just an empty word. 



  • Step 1

    Complete the online form on our website and have the membership form posted to you, or print it yourself at home.  

  • Step 2

    Check your details, sign the document and pop it in the nearest post-box. 

  • Step 3

    At the next meeting of the Board of Directors you will be officially accepted as an investing member of The Generation Forest. 

  • Step 4

    You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of the payment procedure, and a Welcome Pack will be posted to you with your share certificate and the countersigned declaration of membership.  

Do more together: Expand the Community!

Do more together

Lend your voice to the climate

Join our Ambassadors Programme and reach beyond your membership to make a positive impact on our world! Your measurable contribution can help our global community to grow further and give us the opportunity to afforest even more Generation Forests and so do even greater things for the protection of our climate, our biodiversity, and our society! 

As an Ambassador… 

… you will maintain a personal dialogue with our team and devise your own projects/events in your region.  

… you can, at any time, discuss your own ideas and proposals with TGF for the display of information, organising public talks or arranging joint tradeshow appearances with the TGF Team, and realise them accordingly.  

… you will maintain a dialogue with other ambassadors and be present at the meetings of the regional groups.

Become an ambassador

Give a very special present

No matter if it's a birth, christening, wedding, (optional: Christmas, anniversary) or on a birthday: Make a gift of some forest shares today and surprise your loved one with an sustainable present that has an impact! 

Make a gift now

Enhance your impact

And if you want to do even more yourself, why not top up your shares and generate an even greater impact! You’ll be offsetting even more CO2 and making our future greener.

Add more shares now
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Why I'm proud to be a member

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "We joined with our non-profit species conservation organization, Nepada Wildlife, because biodiversity conservation can only work with intact habitat. Reforestation, development and conservation of generational forests provides a home again for countless endangered species."

    Hannah Emde (Founder Nepada Wildlife) - Member since 2021

  • Why I’m proud to be a member of The Generation Forest?

    "I wanted to invest in something good and meaningful. Since I was convinced by the concept with its many fields of action, I wanted to support the great idea and serve as a role model."

    Stefan - Member since 2022

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I am a wholehearted member of The Generation Forest. It's great to know that I can contribute to my own and the climate's future at the same time."

    Elisa - Member since 2019

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I am convinced that you can only make a difference with a holistic approach - The Generation Forest is for me the perfect combination of people, nature and business."

    Dirk - Member since 2018

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I became a member of The Generation Forest because I want to make a difference to the climate crisis - for myself, my children and my grandchildren."

    Kerstin - Member since 2021

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I am a cooperative member because I believe in the project and the people behind it and want to make a difference together with them."

    Merle - Member since 2018

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I became a member of The Generation Forest because, after extensive market analysis, I found it to be the most compelling and meaningful concept for me."

    Rüdiger - Member since 2021

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I like being a member because I am convinced by the combination of ecology and economy at The Generation Forest."

    David - Member since 2021

  • Why are you part of The Generation Forest?

    "I am a member of The Generation Forest because finance and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive."

    Svetlana - Member since 2021


Our partners

We are proud of our fantastic partnerships and how they inspire and help us to grow even more. Because it is only through knowledge transfer, networking, dialogue, and reciprocal support that we are able to achieve our ecological, social, and economic objectives, and to arrive at a possible solution to the global climate crisis.  

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The team

Another crucial element of our Community is The Generation Forest Team 


The five most frequently asked questions

1. Can I visit the project sites and actively help with the afforestation work?

Visits to the project sites are generally open to members of the cooperative and all persons interested in our work. If you’d like to make a visit, feel free to contact our team but be sure to notify us in advance. We will then ascertain who will meet you there and accompany you to our project site.  

If you visit us between June and September, you will definitely get an enthralling insight into our afforestation work. This usually takes place during the rainy season so that the freshly planted trees get plenty of water to allow them to flourish. However, you don’t have roll up your own sleeves – all the work is done by our well-trained, experienced, on-site team of experts who do a great job.  

We’re also very excited to see your photos and travelogues, and everything else that can tell our forest story back in Germany. One small note regarding your carbon footprint: It would be great if you were to combine the long route with a bigger trip, rather than just coming to visit our project sites. 


2. Why is our afforestation work only carried out in Panama?

We are frequently asked why our afforestation projects are based solely in the tropics with none here in Germany. There are various reasons for this but two of them are particularly important in terms of climate protection: First, plants grow considerably faster located close to the equator. Whereas afforestation projects in Germany require a long time before they can deliver their climate impact, our forests are absorbing CO2 after just a few years.  

Unlike with a plantation, thanks to our rational management of our reafforestation sites, we not only store the carbon in the wood, but also within the entire forest system and its soil, too. In addition, we can do more for the climate with less financial resources because the financial costs per afforested hectare are many times lower.  

Combined together, these factors generate a self-reinforcing leverage effect, which makes the tropics so appealing for afforestation projects designed to have a climate impact. 

3. How can I gift shares to a young person (non-adult)?

We’re delighted that you want to give someone such a sustainable present, and that you’re thinking of the next generation! 

Please complete the following online form and send the signed membership application back to us: Give the gift of forest shares - The Generation Forest. Once we have received the application, you will receive a confirmation email, and the recipient of the gift will be officially registered as a member at the next meeting of the Board of Directors; these take place every ten days. 

On the day they officially become a member, you will be sent a welcome email for you to forward to them. A welcome package including a certificate and key chain will be automatically dispatched to the gift recipient. 

We’ll also happily send you a pop-up card and a brochure for handing over to the receiver when you are getting their signature. 

4. When will the profit distributions commence?

We expect the first distributions in 2046, i.e. 27 years after the first reforestations in 2019. After that, we continue to remove trees regularly and selectively and sell the timber. Which is why regular distributions can be expected in the long term. According to our model, the cumulative distribution of a share in 2058 (i.e. 40 years after the start of the project in 2019) should exceed the current investment amount of 1,495 euros.

The forests remain ecologically and economically productive. It is therefore worthwhile to stay involved in the long term.

5. How exactly is the share purchase money utilised?

One cooperative share costs 1,200 euro. The largest portion of this money is used for forest management activities. The remainder is used to purchase land and to cover the operating costs incurred in Hamburg. The latter costs should account for no more than 25 percent of the total capital.  


Any questions?

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