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Our Team

We are a diverse, talented, and highly motivated team combining expertise in areas like forestry, sustainable management, community management, Sales, PR and marketing to realise a common vision: the establishment of an effective climate solution.

Our Team

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    Executive Board

    Oliver Jacobs
  • the-generation-forest-Carol Mghayar-team

    Controlling & Administration

    Carol Mghayar
  • the-generation-forest-Marie Schlueter-team

    Member Support & Administration

    Marie Schlüter
  • the-generation-forest-Tea Pkhakadze-team

    Member Support

    Tea Pkhakadze
  • the-generation-forest-Lukas Moerchen-team

    Account Management

    Lukas Mörchen
  • the-generation-forest-Gesa Schmidt-team

    Member Support

    Gesa Schmidt
  • the generation forest boris hesse

    Account Management

    Boris Hesse
  • the-generation-forest-Ferdinand Mairose-team

    Account Management

    Ferdinand Mairose
  • the-generation-forest-Anna team-team

    People & Culture

    Anna Kremer
  • the-generation-forest-Delia team-team


    Delia Ostach
  • the-generation-forest-Christin team-team

    Finance & Controlling

    Christin Härtel
  • the-generation-forest-Lina-Knoop-team

    Social Media

    Lina Knoop
  • the-generation-forest-Luca-Potdor-team

    Content & Communications

    Luca Pot d´Or

Our Board

  • the-generation-forest-Dr-Mathias-hein-Vorstand-team


    Dr. Mathias Hein
  • the-generation-forest-Charline Joost-team


    Charline Joost

Our Supervisory Board

  • the-generation-forest-andreas-eke-team

    Supervisory Board

    Andreas Eke
  • the-generation-forest-Dr-Verena-Sandner-Le-Gall-Aufsichtsrat-team

    Supervisory Board

    Dr. Verena Sandner Le Gall
  • the-generation-forest-Axel-Kleinefenn-aufsichtsrat-team

    Supervisory Board

    Axel Kleinefenn
  • the-generation-forest-Dr-Hans-Joachim-Bellmann-aufsichtsrat-team

    Supervisory Board

    Dr. Hans-Joachim Bellmann
  • the-generation-forest- simon-daum-Aufsichtsrat-team

    Supervisory Board

    Simon Daum
[Translate to English:] Juan Gonzales Leiter der Forstoperationen

“For me as an individual, the cooperative is a way of helping to make a small contribution in creating a balance between the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Our local employees play a crucial role in the cooperative’s reforestation projects. When you speak to them, you sense how they feel they are part of every single tree planted in our forests.”

Juan Gonzales

Head of Forestry Operations

[Translate to English:] Unser Team

Hand-in-hand: Our close partnership with the people in Panama

We maintain a constant and close dialogue with our forestry partner, Futuro Forestal, and our employees on the ground. We think it is fundamentally essential that they receive a fair wage, social security for themselves and their families, and opportunities for education and training so they can enhance their living conditions.

Social Impact

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