Protecting the climate through reforestation

Reforestation with our generation forests is the effective and innovative way we protect our climate. Our rainforests sustainably offset carbon emissions and are a great solution to combat climate change.

Reforestation to combat climate change

Reforestation is a natural climate solution. We combine climate protection with economic returns with our innovative forest concept. We plant our generation forest to combat ongoing deforestation and to remove CO2 from our atmosphere: According to an independent study, this amounts to 14 tonnes of CO2 per hectare of forest each year.

Permanent reforestation

One of the main complaints made against reforestation projects with regards to climate protection is the lack of permanence. This raises the question whether it is truly possible to know whether the forests we plant now will continue to offset carbon emissions in 30 years. We've solved this issue with the generation forest. In contrast to many other projects, we own the land that we cultivate and only selectively remove individual trees instead of clearing entire sections of the forest, which enables us to ensure that our reforestation projects will continue to absorb CO2 long into the future.

Rainforests to protect the climate

If you want to help create a healthy planet, the cultivation of new tropical forests is an undeniable solution. With their quick growth and abundant vegetation, they are undeniably the most effective mechanism we have against climate change. By ensuring that the forests generate income for the local population and cooperative members, we are able to ensure that the forests) are protected in the long run.

Andreas Eke

Co-founder – The Generation Forest

Andreas Eke

Reduce your own carbon footprint

Each of us leave behind our own carbon footprint, created by daily consumption, driving to work or surfing online. We offer a sustainable and long-term solution to offset individual carbon emissions with our generation forests. 500m² of forest is planted for each cooperative share purchased. As a comparison, one share is roughly equivalent to the environmental benefits that can be achieved by switching to a vegetarian diet. Four shares correspond to an annual transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to New York.

Protecting our climate, environment and species

Our generation forests don't just protect our climate; they also solve several of the key issues we face at present. They serve as reservoirs, protect soil against erosion, provide sustainable employment and create habitats for innumerable species of animals and plants. Tropical rainforests cover only 8% of the surface of earth, but they are home to 50% of the planet's living creatures.

Live carbon neutrally

Many of the CO2 emissions that we produce on a daily basis are completely avoidable. There are a number of ways in which you can reduce your own carbon footprint. However, a considerable percentage of your individual carbon emissions is hard to avoid or unavoidable. We offer a solution for those who want to offset their carbon emissions in the long run and make a difference through our forest shares. You can offset the average emissions produced by a European by purchasing approx. 10 shares.

Our achievements so far

We see ourselves as part of a global planet, whereby many people are jointly engaged in achieving a healthy climate and social justice. Since our cooperative was established, we have been able to make a large contribution to protecting the climate, which would have not been possible without our community. Together with our global community, we have been able to purchase vast plots of land in Panama, protect the existing rainforests and absorb large quantities of CO2 through the reforestation of our generation forests.


Generation Forests




Protected land

Leveraging effect of tropical forests

We’re often asked why our reforestation efforts are based in the tropics and not here in Germany. There’s a range of reasons behind this, two of which are particularly important from a climate-protection perspective: First and foremost, plants grow quickest the closer they are to the equator. Reforestation in Germany is a lengthy process and it can take a long time for the climate to truly reap the benefits, whereas our forests have been able to absorb large quantities of CO2 in just a few years thanks to their quick growth.

In contrast to plantations and thanks to our careful management of reforestation, we have been able to store carbon not only in wood, but also in the forest ecosystems and soil. Secondly, we are simply able to achieve more with less funds in the tropics due to much lower financial costs for each reforested hectare. When combined, these aspects have a leveraging effect that makes the tropics particularly attractive for reforestation projects to improve our climate.

Would you like to learn more?

Read through our free brochure on our cooperative, our objectives and our work in the forests. Our reforestation efforts through the generation forests come with a whole host of benefits.

Each share corresponds to 500m² generation forest and ...

  • compensates 0.7 tonnes of carbon per year
  • protects 500m² of new habitat for wildlife
  • creates long-term employment opportunities through sustainable management
  • generates sustainable, green returns
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