Forest saver

Take the first step and become part of the climate solution. Offset your carbon footprint now and permanently. Create sustainable impact through forests.

  • Afforest 2500 m² of rainforest
  • 5 t of carbon offsets per year
  • Create and protect sustainable habitats
  • Social impact with fair employment
  • Predicted returns of 4.5%
  • Total price: 7.475 € (from 140 € per month)
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Afforest 2500 m2 of rainforest

A forest is more than the sum of the trees we have planted. In fact, thanks to your support, we plant up to 800 trees per hectare. But what this creates is so much more - after all, tropical forests are home to almost two-thirds of the planet's animal and plant species. With you, we are bringing new life back into our forests.

5 t of carbon offsets per year

Reduce your carbon footprint by half - that's exactly what you can achieve with this commitment. Each share creates 500 m2 of forest and offsets 1 t CO₂ for you in the long term - every year anew. Since the average in Germany is currently around 10 t per person per year, this is a good start towards climate neutrality.


Create and protect permanent habitats

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your forest in 30, 60 or 90 years? We have! Future generations will also benefit from what you create here in our forests. This requires staying power and good organisation - we have created a sustainable basis for both by choosing a cooperative.

Social impact with fair employment

Let's talk about money! We are convinced that money is an important lever to change the world. And at the same time, it changes the lives of people in a very concrete way, because your contribution provides them with long-term work, education and social security for their families. We have already contributed a lot with our project, but there is still so much to do. Your investment has an important influence on this.


Predicted returns of 4.5%

Our first distribution is expected in 2046, because our forest has to grow before we can harvest and sell individual trees. Until then, however, the value of your share will increase by 4.5% annually. By the way: In the tropics, trees grow four times as fast as here in Europe.

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