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Become a changemaker - your holistic commitment makes you a pioneer of a sustainable future.

  • Afforest from 500 m2 to 10 ha of rainforest
  • From 1 t to more than 40 t of carbon offsets per year
  • Create and protect sustainable habitats
  • Social impact with fair employment
  • Projected return on investment of 4.5
  • Extra: Calculate your individual CO2 footprint
  • Total price: from 1,431 € (from 26 € monthly)
  • Total Price: from 1.495 € (from 28 € per month)
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Afforest 500 m2 to 2 ha of rainforest

Every share counts and changes our climate future in a positive way. It's great that you're choosing an individual solution where you decide what you can contribute. As you read this, more rainforest is already disappearing. As a member, you are working to reverse this trend and preserve the diversity of plants and animals for us.

From 1 t to more than 40 t of carbon offsets per year

Every day we read about climate targets set by countries, governments and companies. Most we want to believe, many we doubt. Set your personal climate goal now and become "nature positive" with us. That means you offset more CO₂ than you consume, leaving a positive footprint. Here's a solution where you don't have to wait for others, but can take action yourself and make your successes measurable.


Creat and protect permanent habitats

Think big and take responsibility. Preserving our ecological heritage, and in particular our forests as a natural climate solution, is essential because they form functioning ecosystems and a healthy environment. That's why we are committed to creating, protecting and preserving permanent, intact habitats with our generation forests.

Social impact through fair employment

Climate change hits those first who already have little. Our fight against climate change must therefore lead us to include local people in our efforts today. And with all their knowledge and commitment, so that through long-term jobs, new training and social security for families, our intergenerational forest can begin to have an impact today.


Predicted return of 4.5 %

"Money changes the world." - As profane as the phrase is, it's truer than ever. Make your money work for what you believe in. If you believe in the "forest solution" like we do, it's about showing that all those who commit to it will also benefit from it in the long run. "Impact investing means stopping climate change with our money and being rewarded with an environmental and economic return for your far-sighted commitment - as well as all those who come after us.

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