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Start your own climate project with us and become part of our global community. Create your forest!

  • Afforest 1000 m² of rainforest
  • 2 t of carbon offsets per year
  • Create and protect sustainable habitats
  • Social impact with fair employment
  • Predicted returns of 4.5%
  • Revolutionising climate protection through the strength of the community
  • Total price: 2.990 € (from 56 € per month)
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Afforest 1.000 m2 of rainforest

Every tree starts with a small seed. Did you know that thanks to the support of indigenous peoples, we collect the seeds for our generation forests directly from the primeval forests of Panama? Join us and follow the journey from tree seeds to seedlings in our nursery and planting to a diverse forest.

2 t of carbon offsets per year

We cannot avoid some CO₂ consumption. Moreover, your investment not only leads to a smaller CO₂ footprint for you, but also contributes to climate protection for everyone.


Create and protect sustainable habitats

An important start - after all, your forest stays forever. We buy the land in the name of the cooperative, plant and reforest it, and our community takes care of its preservation across generations.

Social impact with fair employment

Do you know why the forests in Panama were cleared? Because it was more valuable for the local people to use the land for cattle or rice cultivation. With the intergenerational forests, we show that there is another way: that forests can create jobs, social security and an income. Help us to shape this change.


Predicted returns of 4.5%

The return on investment comes from our forestry work. Your investment is therefore also an investment in future material assets: sustainable, tropical precious woods. Your investment also represents an important value for our society in the future.

Revolutionising climate protection through the strength of the community

It's amazing what you can do with your money, isn't it? Together we can plant many more forests. Become a member and let's create a green future together.


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