Fair economics to benefit all

As a social business, we are responsible to find a balance between financial, environmental and social factors. To us, this means: Fair trade, fair jobs and the fair production of tropical timbers.

Sustainable economies for the common good

At the Generation Forest, it is our mission to constantly direct our work towards the three pillars of sustainability. The social dimension of sustainability has formed part of the DNA of our project since the very beginning and provided the motivation behind why we decided against a purely ecological project. Reforestation with sustainable management can also generate sustainable employment.

The situation of agricultural workers in Panama

Panama is an emerging nation with large inequality between the rich and the poor. Agricultural workers are particularly affected by this. Half of all agricultural workers in Panama are undeclared workers without any official employment contracts. This consequently entails: no health insurance, no pension scheme, no holiday, no occupational safety and no ability to organise into trade unions.

Forest management for a better world

Changing the circumstances of these people is a matter close to our heart. This is one of the reasons behind why we consciously opted for an economic reforestation model, as this is the only way to generate and maintain fair, sustainable jobs. Furthermore, it provides funding for social projects to additionally improve the local quality of life.

Our colleagues in Panama

For me, personally, the cooperative is an opportunity to contribute a small amount to the balance between the environmental, financial and social aspects of sustainability. Our colleagues in Panama play a crucial role in the reforestation projects undertaken by the cooperative. When you talk to them, you can really see how each tree planted in our forest holds a high level of personal value.

Juan Gonzales

Head of Forestry Operations

Juan Gonzales

Cooperative economics to benefit us all

As a social business and socially responsible cooperative, we see it as our duty to set a good example. We pay guaranteed wages and social bonuses that are above the market average. In the last 25 years, our partners have been engaged in 50 different social projects.

What we do differently

Perhaps most importantly: We provide all of our employees with health insurance and a pension scheme. As traditional role allocation typically prevails in rural Panama, we don’t only provide insurance for our employees, but for their entire families. Furthermore, our employees are also offered the opportunity to undertake further training. For example, as a cooperative, we enable our employees to obtain school leaving certificates, attend computer courses and gain a driving license.

Fairtrade tropical timbers

Many tropical timbers are produced under questionable conditions – often to the detriment of people and nature. For this reason, we are committed to providing fair and sustainable tropical timbers. From seedling to tree and ultimately the timber mill, we consistently produce in a fair and 100% transparent process.

Would you like to learn more?

Read through our free brochure on our cooperative, our objectives and our work in the forests. Our reforestation efforts through the generation forests come with a whole host of benefits.

Each share corresponds to 500m² generation forest and ...

  • compensates 0.7 tonnes of carbon per year
  • protects 500m² of new habitat for wildlife
  • creates long-term employment opportunities through sustainable management
  • generates sustainable, green returns
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