For a world in harmony: Together
Thinking about climate protection holistically

So many problems and crises in the world and so few opportunities to change anything on our own. But what if we all joined together - as one generation? What if we all took action together and really made a difference? Let's take responsibility together. Let's rethink climate protection together. Together, we can reforest generational forests, protect our climate, save endangered species and create new habitats. Because climate protection doesn't work without species protection - and species protection doesn't work without climate protection.

We are the generation that can make a difference now

Together we think and act holistically, solve global problems and bring our world back into harmony. world back into harmony.
Because it has never needed that more than it does right now.

We care about our future!

Invest in new forests now

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  • "We are the generation that acts now so that tomorrow is not too late."

    With The Generation Forest, we have the chance to solve the great ecological challenges of our time right now - holistically and sustainably.

    Silja & René

  • "Because I care about our future."

    Together with The Generation Forest, we can combine climate protection with species conservation - and shape a future worth living for ourselves and future generations.


  • "We are all the generation that can really make a difference."

    I am a member of The Generation Forest because it allows me to make a meaningful impact for our climate and global biodiversity with my money.


Generational forest: Where climate
and species protection go hand in hand

Watch the film and learn more about the connection between biodiversity and a healthy climate, as well as our generational forests and their ecological impact.

The Weltspiegel reports about
The Generation Forest

In this video you will learn more about our unique cooperative, our reforestation projects and our big goals. We take you on a journey to Panama and show you how valuable tropical timber can be used to combat climate change. Our vision: To plant as many generational forests as possible.


Find the afforestation package that suits you and become part of the climate solution:

  • Forest guardian

    Launch your own climate project with us, and become part of our global community. Create your own forest!

    2 forest shares

    From 56 € per month

    I'm in

    Your starter climate impact

    • Afforest 1000 m² of rainforest
    • 2 t of carbon offsets per year
    • Create and protect permanent habitats
    • Social impact with fair employment
    • Predicted returns of 4.5%
    • Revolutionising climate protection through the strength of the community
  • Forest rescuer

    Take the first step and become part of the climate solution. Offset your carbon footprint now and permanently. Generate long-term effects through forestry.

    5 forestshares

    From 140 € per month

    I'm in

    Your comprehensive 5-times climate impact

    • Afforest 2500 m² of rainforest
    • 5 t of carbon offsets per year
    • Create and protect permanent habitats
    • Social impact with fair employment
    • Predicted returns of 4.5%

    Our recommendation

  • Forest hero

    Become a change-maker – your all-embracing commitment makes you a pioneer of a sustainable future.

    8 forest shares

    From 224 € per month

    I'm in

    Your comprehensive climate impact

    • Afforest 4000 m² of rainforest
    • 8 t of carbon offsets per year
    • Create and protect permanent habitats
    • Social impact with fair employment
    • Predicted returns of 4.5%
    • Generate more resources than you personally need: your path to climate positivity
  • Forest individualist

    There’s a great deal to do. And you are assuming the responsibility. From entry level to climate positivity. This package gives you maximum flexibility.

    from 1 to 40 forest shares
    I'm in

    Your individual climate impact

    • Afforest 500 m² to 2 ha of rainforest
    • Carbon offsets ranging from 1 t to more than 40 t per year
    • Create and protect permanent habitats
    • Social impact with fair employment
    • Predicted returns of 4.5%
    • Extra: Calculate your personal carbon footprint
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Find out your own personal carbon footprint!

Calculate your CO₂ footprint now and lay the first foundation for your holistic climate protection with The Generation Forest. Our Generation Forests not only offer CO₂ compensation, but also combine climate protection, species conservation and social impact.

Calculate carbon footprint
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