Where we come from

Today we unite many members from all over the world that share the same goal. Our members are from 8 month to 88 years old. We are students, young parents, older parents, children, CEOs, teachers, eco-conscious people, traditionals, truck drivers, doctors, pensioners, NGOs, foundations and businesses. Our members are from Columbia, Germany, Panama, Malaysia, Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain, USA and Bolivia. All came together to plant a new form of forests.

As an organization we are new, but we have deep roots. Our work is based on 25 years of experience of our forestry partners Futuro Forestal. Iliana Armién and Andreas Eke, the founders of Futuro Forestal, together with eleven founding members, originally founded the cooperative under the name Waldmenschen eG. Our diverse team came from the most different directions: Tax law, investment, ecology, management, risk analysis, wood sciences and forestry. As more and more people from all over the world joined the cooperative, we decided in 2019 to carry the name of our forestry concept: The Generation Forest.

Andreas Eke

Board of Directors
Andreas Eke is an impact investment pioneer, entrepreneur and founder of Futuro Forestal with 25 years of experience in the field of forestry investment.

Iliana Armién

Board of Directors
Iliana Armién is a forestry engineer and developer of the Generation Forest concept. As part of the executive Board, she is in charge of the projects in Panama.

Verena Sandner Le Gall

Supervisory Board
Verena Sandner Le Gall is a researcher at Kiel University, that is specialized at Social Geography and Latin America.

Hans-Joachim Bellmann

Supervisory Board
Hans-Joachim Bellmann is a wood scientist and an auditor for the Forest Stewardship Council.

André Marius Le Prince

Supervisory Board
André le Prince is partner in a renown tax consultancy firm aswell as statutory auditor.

Charline Joost

Head of Sales & Operations
Charline Joost has a background in business and sustainability. She is in charge of sales & operations in Hamburg.

Niklas Veltmann

Marketing & Forestry Concept Development
Niklas Veltmann is founding member of the cooperative, part of the marketing team and works with our partners to further develop our forestry concept.